The most valuable business you’ll ever be part of is the one you go home to.

Win at Home Like You Win at Work.

Learn to lead your family with confidence and watch your most important relationships transform!


Mark Timm

Work-Life Balance is a Myth.

Integration is the real answer. Ever felt torn between the needs of your business and what’s happening at home? I used to feel that way constantly...until I discovered that the very things that make you successful at work can help your family thrive. When you begin to utilize some very specific tools and skills at home, your work and your family become integrated.

At home they know about your work and what it’s like.  At work they know your family comes first. That gives you more white space to grow your business and dream up new ideas. When you get things right at home, you start getting them right everywhere else! 

Finally end chaos & confusion in your family life

Become a more confident and intentional parent

Develop deep, meaningful bonds with those who matter most to you

Free your mind for more creativity and focus at work

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About Mark

Who is Mark Timm?

Mark’s businesses have been built in more than a dozen countries, spanning industries, from retail to wholesale, and from product manufacturing to digital marketing and real estate. One of his enterprises achieved recognition as the runner-up for “Small Business of the Year,” presented by President Bush, while another venture became one of the top 100 retailers on Amazon.

Mark is also a husband and father of 6 young adults. Like many other parents, he was baffled with how to make his blended family work. Their home was scattered and chaotic – nobody knew what they were supposed to be doing, or why.

They all loved each other, but the family did not function well. Once he began to think of his family as a business and run it that way (even forming a legal entity – 2BTimms, LLC) things began to turn around. Today, the Timm family thrives, each member making his or her unique contribution. And Mark has the great joy of deep relationships with each of them.

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Mentor to Millions

Learn How to Win in Business and In Every Area of Life

Best-selling book Mentor to Millions charts Mark’s journey to a whole new understanding of how work, life and relationships can co-exist and even thrive together. His guide through the journey: accomplished mentor Kevin Harrington, one of the original “sharks” from Shark Tank.

In this deeply personal and easy-to-follow book, Mark and Kevin invite you to join them as they pull back the curtain on entrepreneurship at its highest level. Every page contains priceless business lessons. Then they unveil the biggest lesson of all: The most valuable business you’ll ever own, work for or be a part of isn’t the business you go to every day – it’s the one you go home to.


In every venue, no matter the size, the objective is the same: To connect with people.

Finding the right speaker can make or break your event. If your speaker isn’t engaging no one will listen – no matter how good or important the message. With a speaker who can engage an audience, the message comes alive for each person, increasing the potential for growth and life transformation. That’s what I deliver. 

As a best-selling author, lifetime entrepreneur, and professional speaker for more than 25 years, I have been able to impact over a million people worldwide. My passion is to help people balance the demands of family life and business while achieving success and fulfillment in both areas.


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Want a Quick Win?

You already have the skills and knowledge you need to be a better parent.

You just need to know how to apply them at home. And you can start with my FREE digital book, You and Your Family Can Win At Home.

  • Discover what businesses and families have in common
  • Explore 5 proven practices you can use to become a more confident parent
  • See examples of how we use these practices in the Timm Family

Apply these principles and watch your family transform!