Mark is a co-founder and co-owner of Integrimedical which is the leader and innovator in Needle Free Drug Delivery Technology. IntegriMedical develops, manufactures, and markets leading-edge medical devices.  Mark's talent truly shines through this innovative venture as he has extensive senior management experience in sales, marketing, and OEM supply chain management. Mark has also traveled to Asia over 30 times and is very skilled in importing, exporting, and overseas production. Mark targets opportunities in significant growth categories with the intent of scaling profitably and exiting through strategic equity events.


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TredTek bio and its founders are a group of like-minded individuals with a commitment to delivering technological innovation in nutraceutical products. They develop and manufacture products utilizing cutting-edge technology and patents in their Nutritional Delivery Platform (NDP). This platform holds the key to creating a protein complex for nutraceuticals such as curcumin, green tea extract, resveratrol, and milk thistle. The TrendTek bio team has over 200 combined years of experience. They all hail from multi-billion dollar multi-national companies and are actively applying that experience and track record of success to create a ground-breaking brand of products for the entire world.

Here's what Ron Gourley, Founder of TrendTek Bio, says about Mark:

"Mark's contributions to the Board of TrendTek Bio revolve around his willingness to share his "Relationship Capital" and balanced wisdom needed for growing a young company.  Mark has helped position the company for accelerated growth, focussing on building sound processes and cash preservation strategies.   Mark recognizes and supports the necessity to keep the company on strategic timetables for product development, sales and distribution, and fundraising.  As our company grows, Mark will be integral in the selection of future Board members."

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